Hi folks, I started the ICELAB back in 2007 as a fun, passionate and professional laboratory for developing structured, Income Creation Experiments.

The idea is to develop some cool online business projects – aiming to create something of long term value which leaves a meaningful legacy.

So when I am not working on various web hosting & development business projects for my clients I also love to spend time working on these in-house ICELAB projects:- – a digital fundraising agency and an online fundraising management system. – a fun web link directory which raises money for participants’ choice of charity. – a cost effective business directory for the CT postal area, Kent, UK. – a cost effective business directory for online shops in Kent, UK. – a portal for maths people, maths products and maths technology.

Got an idea for your own cool online business project? Then please get in touch for a cuppa and a chat. I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards, Alan

Alan Noake
Managing Director